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Budo and business, workshop

Self-development and leadership quality with tools from the martial arts skills-set box

Are your employees motivated, emotionally connected and open to change? How engaged are they? And what about your own motivation?

According to one of the most popular surveys on the subject of employee engagement, the so-called Gallup Engagement Index, the results show a close link to the quality of leadership.

Annual employee surveys such as the Gallup one, are very important strategic management tools because they provide valuable input for further employees and company development.

The results are supposed to encourage managers in particular to improve themselves and their department and team performance.

In addition to a good analysis of the results, the definition of suitable measures and their implementation is crucial, but how?

  • Introduce concrete measures that generate actual change and are perceived as meaningful
  • Do not create alibi work just because your boss instructed you to bring up some measures
  • Do not create any additional burden for employees, without offering tangible added value

You might want to look for external support and appropriate assistance. In particular, be open to new and unconventional methods which can have a great impact on team spirit and your own management quality.

The Budo way, for example, shows how mental performance and inner drive can be increased through the body.

Regardless of your day-to-day business or your industry, you will gain in individual coaching or group seminars new insights for your everyday life; you will learn how to release positive energy and strength to break through self-made boundaries.


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Do it like Sabine and Marc.

Sabine and Marc only knew martial arts from Hollywood films and would never have guessed that it had much more to offer and that it would completely change their self-approach. They are now confidently going from meeting to meeting, because with Budo coaching they have experienced the serenity of a Shaolin monk and the clear-minded determination of a samurai.


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