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Group trainings and personal coaching for leaders, managers and specialists as well as team building events 


We link the practical application of traditional martial arts with modern professional life, offering innovative workshops and an individualised coaching to address your specific need.


Pragmatic – experience oriented – interactive



Your choice if


  • You have not yet found the courage to quit the job that is safe but makes you unhappy
  • You can do a lot more, but don’t dare enough
  • You are easily intimidated
  • You think you are not good enough
  • It’s hard for you to say no
  • You want to finally say what you really think without being afraid of it
  • You want to gain self-confidence


Imagine that your problem was solved and that you had all the confidence you need. What would be different?


  • We support you so that you develop confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • We show you that you have much more strength and courage than you think
  • We encourage you to create positive ideas and to face change with ease
  • We show you how to release negative energies
  • We help you to visualize and drive towards your goals with determination


Main topics


Body language

Possible obstacles / fears / discomfort /



2 intensive days,  March 9th and 10th 2024 ,

Saturday from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm and Sunday form 10:00 am to 13.00 pm


CHF 450.- per person*

**This course is supported by the city of Zurich: Women residing in the city of Zurich
receive a discount of CHF 50.- and pay  CHF 400

Learn more and register here!
Self Defense Training for Women in Zurich




Your choice if


  • You would like to be able to defend yourself and learn effective techniques
  • You are planning to go on holidays on your own and you want to have a better feeling, knowing you have practiced how to cope with unpleasant encounters
  • You want to better assess risk situations
  • You want to practice some effective self-defence techniques
  • You want to learn to better cope with stressful situations


Imagine you had all the confidence you need not to be perceived as the typical victim. What would be different?


  • We will practice effective and quick releases when held with a corresponding counterattack
  • We will support you to move past your boundaries and overcome inhibitions when striking
  • We will train how it feels to experience contact (against punch pad)
  • We will work on your breathing / voice
  • We will improve your stamina and determination under stress
  • You will learn how to better cope with stress
  • You will learn to use everyday objects to defend yourself if needed
  • We will practice various types of attacks
  • We will talk about and re-enact several possible scenarios and how to mitigate risks


Main topics



Awareness / quick assessment in risk situations

How to cope with discomfort

Reaction under stress



CHF 199.- per person

*This course is supported by the city of Zurich: Women residing in the city of Zurich

receive a discount of CHF 50.- and pay CHF 149


Next courses:

June 1st, 2024

November, 16th, 2024

1 day ( 10:00 am to 16:00 pm )





Your choice if


  • You want to challenge and encourage your team differently
  • You want to better assess and motivate your team
  • You want to show your appreciation and get to know your team in a different environment
  • You would like to add an innovative item to your conference agenda


Main topics


  • Team building
  • Experience team members and managers outside of the work environment
  • Promote cohesion and team spirit
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Celebrate success


EXPERIENCE DAY (up to 6 hours):

Includes insights into the tactics, techniques and movement sequences of martial arts

CHF 199.- per person, max. 12 participants)



POWER CLASS (90 minutes):

Resilience and energy training
As of CHF 499.- ( Price for 6 participants)




Execution and planning by arrangement according to your team specific need
Trainings can also be carried out at your desired location / company

Team Development Event Budo Coaching




Your choice if


  • You are getting sick and tired of home office only
  • Juggling work, family and leisure time is difficult – but giving up is out of the question
  • You want to be at your best in crucial moments
  • You want to trigger you own drive and commit to your objectives
  • You want to recharge positive energy and look for solutions


Imagine starting your day at the office full of energy and motivation – everyday


  • We support you in focusing on your next step
  • We show you how to turn off destructive thoughts
  • We encourage you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
  • We encourage you to build confidence
  • We show you how to initiate positive changes with self-discipline


Main topics


Think and act strong

Coping with stress



(Maximum 18 participants / min. 10)

CHF 249.- per person *

1 1/2 day 

The course can be booked as private event: Date, time and location can be arranged as you need: get in touch!

Find out more and register here!
Lucia and Pascal - trainers




Your choice if


  • Everyone expects answers and solutions from you because you are the boss – but you also feel you need someone to help you
  • You lack the exchange with a neutral conversation partner who can give open and honest feedback
  • Power games and unrealistic targets in companies put you under pressure – or maybe you put yourself under pressure with too high self-expectations
  • You find it difficult to let go
  • You want to recharge your battery


Are you ready to lead your team with a leader’s attitude?


  • We support you so that you can re-establish the connection between body and mind
  • We show you how to better manage your energy
  • We encourage you to take action and advance towards new tasks with ease
  • We show you how to keep the focus on your goal with a relaxed and steady mind
  • We help you to visualize your goals and take action


Main topics


Posture and mindset

Self-care / self-approach

Role model/ leading by virtue and example



🥋🧠💥 8 weeks of training (including a training suit)
📅 ✍️ 👥 4 private coaching hours (60 minutes by appointment, either in the Dojang or virtually) as personal guidance.
Spring: Start on March 1, 2024 – until May 31, 2024
Fall: Start on September 1, 2024 – until November 30, 2024
More infos and registration




Individual coaching, optionally around the topics:


  • Management focus
  • Leadership
  • Self-assertion
  • Resilience training

As sparring partner, we accompany you a little further on your

development path in our coaching sessions for body and mind.


  1. Together we will analyze your topic and discuss your goals.
  2. We design a coaching plan tailored to your specific needs
  3. You will leave your comfort zone, discover new things about yourself and look at situations from different perspectives – ultimately you will come to adopt new perspectives and behaviors at work and in everyday life.
Arrange a non-binding first meeting here

What’s in it for you?

Do you only know martial arts from Hollywood films?

Then you probably do not know that it has much more to offer than just kicking and punching.

You will go from one meeting to the next with confidence, because with budo coaching you will experience the serenity of a Shaolin monk and the determination of a Samurai.

You will feel your inner energy flow; you will learn to act more assertively and to perform your tasks with presence of mind.

Your benefit as an individual:


  • Focus on and strengthen your own resources (the self)
  • Promote stress management and self-confidence
  • Improve motivation and satisfaction
  • Improve body and mind balance
  • Overcome inner barriers
  • Strengthen awareness, intuition and determination
  • Learn effective and easy to implement self-defense techniques

Your benefit as a manager/company


  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Increase employee retention
  • Release motivation and energy flow in the team
  • Address conflict and tense situations in the team
  • Individual solutions, flexibly tailored to your team and your needs

Method: how do we proceed?

Group and individual exercises from the field of martial arts which combine physical and mental challenges.

We base our program on professional knowledge from personnel and corporate management and combine it with the Budo-Coaching-method (values, techniques, tactics and principles from traditional martial arts).


  • Training posture and steadfastness
  • Exercises to improve physical and mental flexibility
  • Exercises to improve responsiveness
  • Exercises to improve body awareness
  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Playful tactical/strategic exercises
  • Coaching and feedback rounds to reflect and follow up
Your trainers

The guiding principles of Taekwondo



Do not lose sight of your goal and pursue it until it is achieved; be calm and strong when making decisions


Indomitable spirit

Express resistance, resilience and patience – develop fighting spirit; focus on your own mental and physical development



Act with modesty and self-confidence, act safely and respectfully



Motivate yourself, always set new intermediate goals and don’t give up



Do the right thing and clearly differentiate between right and wrong

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