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Martial-arts based coaching for teams, individual contributors and managers

Imagine you have a clear vision of what you really want – and then you go for it with all your energy and focus

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With martial arts and HR-business partnering expertise, we help you and your team to become strong!


Leadership coaching

You have reached your next career level – now you are overwhelmed and no longer know how to meet everyone’s expectations: superiors, team, family and above all your own.

You need support to clear your mind, to focus on your goals, vision and needs.


Personal development

The promotion you were aiming for, did not happen.

You are smart, competent and professional: you just need to gain self-confidence to move forward.


Team building and talent development

You would like to encourage collaborative work and mutual trust in your team: you want your employees to develop, contribute with their ideas and push common goals forward.

Group trainings

Leadership Trainings

Resilience Training

Self-assertion for women


Team Building

Team events

Power booster class

Corporate fitness


1:1 Coaching

Career Coaching

Personal Development



Teambildungs Event Budo Coaching

The Budo principle – The way of development in martial arts


Have you sat as well in what feels like the 100th company seminar or coaching, prioritized challenges on flip charts and then defined measures? You learned a lot, but your thoughts wandered too often elsewhere. You got many insights, but you did not follow up with actions.


What if you for yourself or with your team could experience something completely different and drive your intentions by activating your body?


Applying martial arts methods, you will discover how you can cope with your everyday business life with the serenity of a Shaolin monk and the determination of a samurai.

You will learn through exercises and situations from martial arts how to be more confident in everyday life.


Result: more balance, energy and improved performance.

What does “Budo” mean?

“Budo” means “way of the warrior”. “Budo” is used as a generic term for Asian martial arts. Budo consists of the words “Bu” for warrior and “Do” for way, or principle, direction, method, goal striving and development. The ultimate aim is to reach unity of body and mind.

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