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Die Kraft, die du brauchst, ist in dir

Moo Do (Korean for martial arts) as a path to self-development

Martial arts cannot be defined by the term sport as many people understand it: this is because they differ in purpose; They have a tradition and a philosophical and educational component that goes far beyond the pure competition part.


Western sports tend to emphasize competition, while Eastern martial arts place more emphasis on self-awareness. They are therefore focused on connecting body and mind, including a meditative aspect.


That’s why the non-physical dimensions of martial arts also have a long-term influence on the mental changes of the participants.

Many people have a false awareness of Moo Do-Martial Arts (Budo in Japanese) and its several aspects, mostly because clouded by action films.


However, the ultimate purpose of martial arts is rather to perfect the character towards self-excellence.


Martial arts are not about winning or losing or getting better and stronger than the others, as in many popular sports, but rather about self-development. The inner attitude is thereby crucial in determining the way and course of this development.

In every Moo Do (ünste) you have to concentrate, be in the moment, know your own strengths and weaknesses and use them all effectively and positively. There are no good or bad situations. Challenges are there to be faced and overcome, contributing to personal growth.


Everything is a process of learning about oneself.

In Taekwondo patterns practice, for example, there is no real opponent and the student has to “imagine” one – this requires and serves concentration. It is not easy, especially if you are insecure or inhibited, it will take a lot of time. Whether you are facing a real or an imaginary opponent, you learn to feel comfortable, you learn to be more confident, courageous and positive: you connect with people without exchanging a word.

Moo Do requires focusing on the present moment, fully, body and mind.


Martial arts are particularly helpful in reducing stress, in learning effective energy management and in better understanding interpersonal relationships, because important dimensions such as perception of distance, time and position of the opponent / partner are a significant part of the practice.


In short, proper martial arts practice increases feelings of harmony, control and self-esteem.


As you learn to be in control of your thoughts, you will get a deeper connection with your mind and learn the real you. There is nothing that makes a person stronger than being present, connected to his body and mind in crucial moments.

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