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About us, masters and trainers

Motto “Mens sana in corpore sano”“a healthy mind in a healthy body”

We gained our experience in different countries and large corporations such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Sunrise Communications, Getty Images, Walt Disney, Regus, British Telecom and many others. We found our new homeland over ten years ago in Switzerland; our passion, the martial arts, has long been our life essence. We are positive, active, like to look ahead and work hands-on.


Our range of services offers besides our daily programs for children, young people and adults, coaching and consulting for companies. In these compact training units, we show how the principles of martial arts fit into everyday life and have a positive impact on the work environment as well as on daily life.

Our team

Pascal Polatti

Martial arts expert and entrepreneur.

Experienced, pragmatic and with a good sense of humor, he knows how to get the best out of everyone.

Pascal Polatti

Management courses on:

  • Group Training Techniques, Selling Skills, Leadership, Sales Management, Change Management
  • Hotel Management – Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Business studies
Open University, Milton Keynes, England


German, English, French


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2009 until today
Founder and Manager of Kampfkunst Zurich

  • Taekwondo – V. Dan
  • Haidong Gumdo – I. Dan
  • Allkampf Jitsu– I. Dan
  • Board member of the Traditional Taekwondo Committee of the ITF Korea
  • Instructor and dojang leader of the Swiss Haidong Gumdo Association
  • Vice President and founding member of the Taekwondo Association Switzerland

1997 to 2009
Business Development Manager and Sales Director in worldwide IT technology, service and media companies


1989 to 1997
Managing teams in the hotel industry in Germany, France and Portugal

Lucia Polatti

With passion and empathy, she supports women, specialists and managers on their development path. Her vision: a working environment where everyone can perform at their best and grow. Her expertise: talent management and martial arts.

Lucia Polatti

Further education
Specialization courses and training for on-the-job training methods, group and seminar training techniques as well as training in communication and personnel development.



  • Università Cattolica, Milan, Master of Arts
  • PR specialist BAW

Italian, German, English, French


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Since 2019

  • Founding Partner and Head of Budo-Coaching
  • Private Coach und Group Trainer

Since 2009
Deputy Head of Kampfkunst Zurich

  • Taekwondo Instructor – IV. Dan

2008 to 2018

  • HR Business Partner / Human Resources Manager
  • Recruitment Consultant and Lead Recruiter

1999 to 2008
Consultant, Talent Acquisition and Customer Relations Manager


1992 to 1998
Adult education, trainer and public relations

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