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Facing challenges, martial arts-style!


Our daily lives are increasingly characterized by uncertainty and change.

The pressure at the workplace often spills over into our private lives, causing stress and feelings of anxiety. Understanding and managing this stress not only means enhancing our own performance but also safeguarding mental and physical well-being.

It is all the more important for companies that their employees can deal with crises and periods of high stress. Employees themselves recognize that training resilience in times of constant availability and work-life blend leads to greater serenity in everyday life.


"It is not important how often you fall, but how often you get back up" .


👤 You hold a leadership position or have a demanding job, and your workday feels chaotic. Meetings line up one after another, you operate in firefighting mode, easily get distracted, and react without being able to prioritize tasks on your agenda according to your plan.


👤 This is not how you want to work in the long term. The feeling of being drained at the end of the day should disappear. Instead, looking at the to-do list should bring joy.


👤 Especially high-performers or leaders often believe they can work nonstop at the same pace, drowning in multitasking until they eventually give up completely, feeling demotivated.


Don’t let it come to that—instead of giving up, train your resilience !


💪 Resilience protects us from stress and makes our lives healthier, happier, and more successful.


💡 Improved resilience can provide diverse support, can be trained, and integrated into your daily life.


With our resilience training, learn how to face challenges – with your body and with your mind.


You will:

  • Align yourself internally with your goal, focusing on your task
  • Execute your job with concentration and, in the long run, become faster and more successful
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
  • Deliver your best performance in crucial moments
  • Charge with positive energy and seek for solutions
  • Initiate positive habits with self-discipline


Close your eyes briefly and savor the idea of working calmly and focused. You are efficient, full of energy, and at the same time, you approach your tasks more relaxed. Anything that rushes you or distracts you, switch it off.



  • You actively find a solution to give structure, meaning, and efficiency to your daily life.
  • You will regain control, stand up for yourself and consciously reassess the direction you want to move on.
  • You sense the warning signals from your body and know when it’s time to recharge your batteries.
  • You are clear about where to direct your focus, as well as where you can confidently delegate responsibility.
  • You free yourself from hindering beliefs and take action.
  • In stressful moments, which are part of life, you maintain control.


Now open your eyes and make this picture become true – our Training will soon begin!

The course consists of 4 parts:


Part 1: Resilience – dealing with stress


If you’ve recognized that things are no longer aligning for you, you’ve already created the best condition to move in a different direction.

Together, we will explore the stress factors that affect your daily life and figure out what you can do about them.






Part 2: Mastering your challenges


You discover what you want to focus on and visualize your goals. This immediately leads you to implementation.






Part 3: Take responsibility, practice and anchor healthy habits in your daily life.


By now, it should be clear to you that performance alone does not determine your worth. It is time to question certain behaviors, shed them, and replace them with healthier habits.


➡️ DO’s and DONTs




Part 4: check in








What makes our resilience training a fun and different experience?


The Budo method awakens the samurai in you! This method takes a completely different approach to the topic of resilience. Budo is the way of the warrior – this way will lead you to dig deeper into yourself. You will experience a unique combination of physical and mental challenges. The body exercises, paired with reflection and feedback sessions, will transform your thinking, perception and presence. You will create space for development and feel more at ease in your daily life.



Like the Bamboo: strong und stable at the roots - at the same time flexible and able to adjust.



👉 Sign up now for the resilience training to establish positive changes in your ways: You want to think and act strong and, above all, stay healthy. You will radiate a can-do attitude which will not go unnoticed at your workplace, as you will appear much in control, joyful and confident! Your time investment: 2 days!


Next course: June, 25th & 26th 2024


CHF 249- including VAT


You don’t need prior knowledge of martial arts or a specific fitness level. It’s not about competition but about self-discovery through a change in perspective. The practical know-how will be conveyed to you through group or individual exercises. A diverse program that strengthens and connects in a sustainable way.

What else do you get?


  • Motivation, Feedback und exchange in a small group
  • A fun experience in a dojo that will widen your horizon
  • The possibility to dig deeper into yourself and possibly discover new sides of you
  • Tips and exercises that you can integrate in your day to day routines
  • Workbook



Your trainer: Lucia und Pascal Polatti

As teachers and coaches, we accompany busy individuals to strengthen their resilience, enabling them to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

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