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Build confidence!

Self-Assertion Course for women: for more drive and confidence in everyday life!


Do you find it challenging in your professional life to assert your own boundaries and stand up for yourself? Then, this self-assertion course is the right step in the right direction for you as a female professional or leader: practice how to approach your tasks in a more relaxed, confident, and focused manner.




In this course you will learn how to


✓ Recognise your own worth
✓ Stand up for yourself and assert yourself more easily
✓ Voice your opinion
✓ Cope with setbacks
✓ Overcome your fears by stepping out of your comfort zone
✓ Increase awareness of your own boundaries and strengths to pull out your best resources in stressful situations

What is so special about our Budo-Method?


This course will get you going: you will gain new insights by diving deeper within yourself – both physically and mentally.


The Budo Coaching method is based on the concept of mind-body interaction: in martial arts, the body and mind are one unit.


Martial arts not only train self-defense techniques but, above all, develops the self-confidence necessary to respond to challenging situations with sovereignty, maintaining a strong, self-assured presence and navigating circumstances with confidence and control.


  • You become more and more aware of your limitations as well as your unique strengths
  • You become aware of your own resources and you will be able to better cope with what triggers you negatively
  • You learn to recognise emotional states, action and reaction patterns in yourself and others


By completion of this intensive course you will know


👉How to stand up for yourself and others, articulate your standpoint, and assert yourself.


👉How to manage your fear and achieve your goals.


👉How to defend yourself against verbal and physical attaks.

Main focus areas



Block 1 


Initially, we focus on external impact and body language— ensuring that you leave a lasting, positive first impression at your next job interview or presentation - and immediately feel comfortable in your own skin and in the right place.

We concentrate on: 

✅ Posture – what moves me? What do I stand for?

✅ Communication and body language – what am I conveying?

Block 2


Next, we delve into body awareness and how you present yourself: 

Can you clearly set boundaries, express your own opinion and make your demands? 

We practice observing our counterpart and acting at the right time because, in stressful or critical situations, such as facing a physical or verbal attack where boundaries are crossed, you need to react fast and a clarity of mind. 

We practice on how to communicate and set boundaries in a polite, yet firm way; we will go through different escalation levels. 

Areas we cover include:

✅ Staying resilient in challenging situations

✅ Reaction – Focus and centering/ strength lies in keeping in control of your emotions

✅ Determination/ the path of change

✅ Setting boundaries/ the path of self-responsibility

Block 3


Step by step, we uncover how you might be hindering yourself: could it be that you are the very reason why you are not taken seriously or why the long-awaited promotion isn't happening? 

Do you still feel too insecure and uncomfortable in your role, even though you have the competence and skills for it? 

We explore the source of your self-doubts and the only way to overcome them. 

✅ Asserting oneself/ the path of self-confidence

✅ Doing, step by step 

✅ Growing/ finding one's own way

This is what our customers say

Dear Lucia,
Thank you for the numerous learning experiences and “aha” moments. I felt very comfortable with you. I feel empowered, even one week later, I can still feel the impact of our work together. I can continue working towards my goal of standing up for myself daily and see my strengths much more clearly.
I am very grateful for the coaching with you and your excellent work! I will definitely recommend you.!


Lucia Polatti’s assertiveness course is an innovative way to access one’s own strength, courage, and confidence through movement, and, above all, to actually experience them. The course is a blend of theory and practice. Lucia is an inspiring, experienced, and very personable teacher and trainer. I recommend the course to anyone seeking practical solutions..


In the two-day assertiveness course for women, I learned fascinating things about myself and my environment. For example:

– What connects my thoughts in my mind with my body in a matter of seconds?
– How can my body support my mind in stressful moments?
– What makes up my aura, and what impact does it have?
– What turns a victim into a victim?

Lucia spoke passionately in our group and guided our exercises with empathy. The course was enjoyable, thought-provoking, and I highly recommend it.


Dear Lucia, I found the course brilliant 🤗 thank you very much for the many insights, the exercises, and the time spent together with all of you. I enjoyed it greatly and learned a lot..


How does it work?


In our assertiveness course, you engage intensively with yourself, receiving the necessary motivation to take action. The course is suitable for everyone – no prior knowledge of martial arts is required!

You will discover how the physical exercises, combined with reflection and feedback sessions, can alter your thinking, perception, and presence. This process creates space for development and brings more ease into your everyday life.


That is how we will do it:



  • Through our Budo method, you receive impulses and exercises – working on them until you recognize what has been holding you back.
  • In in-depth feedback sessions, we clarify together what you want to change, let go of, or resolve in your (professional) daily life.
  • We motivate you to recognize your self-worth, build confidence in your abilities, and proudly showcase what you excel at and what makes you unique.
  • We work on your resilience so that even when things don’t go well, you are strong enough to rise again and continue.

Is the self-assertion course the right thing for you?


yes, because



You have realized that you are preventing your own development:


  • You easily get intimidated.
  • You think you’re not good enough.
  • You find it difficult to say no.
  • You miss out on good opportunities due to fear.
  • You struggle to make clear decisions.
  • You hardly dare to express your opinion.


You are ready for a change:


  • We support you in developing confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • We show you that there is much more strength and courage within you than you think.
  • We encourage you to generate positive ideas and approach changes with ease.
  • We show you how to unleash positive energies.
  • We help you visualize and concretize your goals.

When does the course take place?


The self- assertion is a two-days (week-end) course

Next dates: October, 26th & 27th, 2024
January 18th & 19th, 2025

Saturday from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm und Saturday from 10.00 am to 13:00 pm


You will also receive impulses and simple tasks that you can easily integrate into your daily life. This way, you can also put things into practice.

We stay in contact through a private WhatsApp group, and if you wish, you can share your results/concerns, ask questions, and receive feedback for up to 4 weeks after the course!


What else do you get?


  • Motivation and exchange in a small group
  • A fun experience in a dojo that will widen your horizon and give you insights into the world of martial arts.
  • The space to dig deeper into yourself and discover different sides of yourself, leading you to questioning hindering beliefs or habits.
  • Tips and exercises that you can easily incorporate in your day to day routines.
  • Workbook.



Course fee CHF 450-*


*💥Our self-assertion and self-defense courses are supported by the City of Zurich’s as part of their programs against violence, harassment, and disrespectful behavior of any kind. This course is also endorsed: Women residing in the City of Zurich receive a discount of CHF 50.- and pay CHF 400.

In the Self-Assertion Course – Basic Program (2-days course format), you will receive a solid foundation and important impulses to initiate changes in your attitude and work on your self-confidence.

You will then implement the learned techniques and exercises at your own pace – the workbook will assist you in self-reflection whenever and wherever you like.

Often, determination and motivation alone are not sufficient to continue; some women find themselves quickly overtaken or overwhelmed by the stressful daily routine and unfavourable work environments.

No problem! You can opt for the 12-Week Self-Assertion Boost Program.  This is the right choice for you to form new habits and feel sustainable changes long-term.


Self-Assertion Boost Program

Choose our unique 12-Week Self-Assertion Boost Program, a combination of coaching and martial arts (Taekwondo) training!


If you want to learn to trust yourself and ultimately assert yourself in your job and life, start with bodywork. If you lack self-confidence, martial arts can be particularly helpful: There are few sports that train both body and mind as comprehensively, pushing you out of your comfort zone.

As you improve strength, coordination, endurance, speed, and flexibility, you declutter your mind and develop mentally and physically every day. You shut off hindering thoughts and build self-confidence.


The training will soon impact your posture. You learn to:


  • Set better boundaries,
  • Assert yourself more easily and
  • better cope with setbacks.


Posture and self-confidence can only be improved in the long term– it is a process which implies regular training. With the support of a strong community, it is sometimes easier to stick to it and form new beneficial habits.

That is how we accompany you in your process of change and on your journey to inner security:


👉 In this 12-week program, you will train your physical and mental abilities in our group sessions, impacting your self-confidence and posture.

👉 In 3 private coaching sessions (each 60 minutes), we define your personal goals and what you can do or avoid to gain confidence, so that you go to work with confidence, believe in your abilities and feel stronger, more focused, motivated, and productive.

👉 Our dojo will be your place to get physically and mentally active, experience progress, grow in a group, stay on track, receive honest feedback, and shed hindering behavioural patterns.


Experience how martial arts training affects your self-confidence – with ease, fun, and great impact.


12 Weeks Overview:


  • 12 weeks of growth with like-minded individuals
  • Martial Arts Group Coaching (2 x 60-minute training sessions per week, optionally on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00 PM or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM) so you can easily integrate it into your daily life.
  • 3 private coaching hours for your individual topics to support you in reaching your goals. In the 1:1 coaching sessions, we address your personal questions and concerns.
  • Additionally, you will receive a workbook for self-reflection to reflect on in your own time.



12 Weeks Program CHF 990.00-


🥋🧠💥 12 Weeks Training (including training suit)  

📅 ✍️ 👥 3 hours private coaching (60 minutes which we will schedule individually, either in the dojang or virtual per Zoom or WhatsApp ) for personal guidance.



Next possible dates:

Autumn: Start September 1, 2024, to November 30, 2024  

Spring: Start March 1, 2025, to May 31, 2025

Choose between your favourite option (Basis or 12-Weeks Boost Program) and register now!
Discover how you can build more confidence, strengthening both your mind and body with simple steps, impacting your life in a positive way.

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    Course instructor: Lucia Polatti

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