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Leadership Training

Leading Yourself and Others with Confidence



⇒ Do you, in your role as a leader, entrepreneur, or employee, bear responsibility for decisions that impact company and team outcomes?

⇒ Are you looking for ways to grow in your role, act more calmly and be more effective?

⇒ Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone, questioning your habits and consider other perspectives?

⇒ Are you facing cultural changes, generational shifts or are you being promoted ? Are remote leadership and new work models making your role as leader even more challenging?

⇒ Do you want to reassess your leadership role?



Choose our unique 8-week leadership program that combines coaching ( 4 Private sessions) and martial arts (Taekwondo) training.


As you enhance your strength, coordination, endurance, speed, and flexibility, you empty your mind and develop your physical and mental strength day by day. You reduce stress, replenish energy, and become aware of your inner drivers.

The training will show in your posture, clear mind and determination.



We take a closer look to your usual behavioural patterns: defining your way, sorting out the noise that does not serve you so that you can focus on what is crucial in your role. 

Because you aim to be successful, and yet be balanced, healthy and empowered.


What makes the Budo method so fun and effective?


You won’t be training in a typical conference room but in a dojang, actively moving most of the time, facing mental and pysical challanges that will move you out of your comfort zone.

The Budo Coaching method is based on the concept of mind-body interaction: body and mind are considered as a unit in martial arts.

Martial arts, besides strengthening your body and training self-defence techniques, also impact your mind, developing the souverenity and calm state of mind, which are essential to generate the right behavioral responses in demanding situations.


At the end of this programm:


– You are aware of your strengths and know how to leverage them effectively.
– You gain clarity and courage for your decisions because you are conscious of your priorities.
– You exude more self-assurance and poise because you stand up for your vision.
– You expand your personal skills set with ideas for more efficient work and better self-care.
– You recognize the factors that personally contribute to your stress and learn to perceive them early on.
– You develop strategies to handle potential stressors and strengthen your resilience.
– You boost your self-motivation and implementation power.


Your Benefits:


– You gain a better understanding of yourself, knowing more about what motivates you and how you can ensure that you don’t lose sight of your goals and plans, even in the hectic everyday life.

– You learn strategies on how to stay focused on topics, inspire your team, and better manage your busy schedule.

– You share thoughts with like-minded individuals, sharing from each other’s experiences.






#1 – My Own Resources


– A sound mind in a sound body: Exercises for increased flexibility and endurance
– Trusting intuition: Our subconscious is smarter than we think
– Attentive and mindful approach to ourselves and others
– Managing external and internal expectations: What do you stand for? What do you want to be recognized for?
– Identifying personal drivers (intrinsic motivation)
– Recognizing personal stress factors
– Reflecting on personal strengths and utilizing them more intentionally
– Identifying and eradicating thought patterns that hinder success


#2 – My Work Environment


– Who influences your leadership routine?
– Who are important relationship partners for you, and in what form of dependency do you stand with them?
– How do you handle diverse expectations?
– What different hats do you wear as a leader? Boss, motivator, advisor, expert, problem solver, and how can you manage them?
– Setting priorities and practicing saying no: To which expectations, tasks, etc., do I say yes – what do I say no to?
– What can you delegate? What do you focus on?
– What do you need to change or approach differently?


# 3- My Work  (Role, Vision, Goals)


– What does success mean for you?
– How adaptable are you? How can you better cope with changes?
– Clarity of goals: don’t make others decide about your plans .
– Stay in balance – at work and your private life
– Dealing with failures and setbacks.
– Practicing contentment: Acknowledging achievements and celebrating successes.

This is how we accompany you in your next leadership development steps:


👉 In this 8-week program, you will train your physical and mental abilities in our group sessions, impacting both your mind-set and your overall posture. You will get to know yourself better, understand what motivates you, and learn how to keep your goals and plans on track even in your hectic daily routine.

👉 In 4 private coaching sessions (each lasting 60 minutes), we will define your personal goals and focus areas. These will support you to approach your work with a clear mind, make decisions more easily, manage your team effectively and use your personal resources (time and energy) at best.

👉 Our Dojo will be your place to engage physically and mentally, experience progress, grow within a group, stay on track, receive honest feedback, and shed hindering behavioral patterns. No prior experience in marital arts required!


Your next 8 weeks at a glance:


• 8 weeks of leadership development with like-minded individuals
• Martial arts group coaching (2 sessions of 60 minutes each per week, optionally on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00 PM or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM) so that you can easily integrate it into your daily routine
• 4 private coaching sessions for your specific issues, supporting you in reaching your objectives and coping with challenges fron a different perspective. In these 1:1 coaching sessions, we address your personal questions and concerns.
• Additionally, you will receive a workbook for self-reflection, which you can work on in your own time.


Total cost for the 8-week program: CHF 940.00-


🥋🧠💥 8 weeks of training (including a training suit)

📅 ✍️ 👥 4 private coaching hours (60 minutes by appointment, either in the Dojang or virtually) as personal guidance.


Spring: Start on March 1, 2024 – until April 30th, 2024
Fall: Start on September 1, 2024 – until October 31st, 2024
Experience how martial arts training affects your posture – with ease, fun, and significant impact!




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    Kursleiter: Lucia und Pascal Polatti

    We speak from experience, believe in continuous growth, and invite you to shift perspectives and learn universal truths from the martial arts tradition.

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