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experiencing power places with budo-training

Recharging: The Magic of Retreats in Power Places

Do you also experience the feeling of recharging your energy while hiking, surrounded by mountains and forests? It often happens to me during my getaways in the mountains of the Valtellina Valley.

In Valtellina, there are places and spots that radiate a special energy. In the silence of the forest, at panoramic viewpoints or on alpine meadows, it’s easier to listen to yourself and recover from stress.


But what do we mean by power places?


Power places are geographical areas that exert a strong attraction on people and are regarded as places with heightened energy and sometimes spiritual significance. Whether they are sacred sites, monasteries, or natural landscapes like mountains, forests, lakes, and coastlines, the concept is that these places connect the natural and spiritual worlds in a special way. For instance, sacred sites give off an atmosphere of tranquility that helps individuals connect with their inner selves.


Power places are not limited to a specific culture or time period. Various civilizations around the world have their own sacred sites and pilgrimage locations that they consider spiritually and energetically meaningful. Think of places like Stonehenge or the Meteora Monasteries in Greece, built on impressive rock formations and offering breathtaking views of the valley.


Myth or Fact?


Certain places seem to be rich with elevated energy that positively impacts well-being and mental health. Whether the idea of power places is merely superstition and whether this energy is actually measurable is more a topic for scientific research. Just superstition? Might be.

What matters here is rather the effect and the subjective impact of these power places. It’s undeniable that there are certain environments that draw us in like magic, where we feel special, positive vibrations as soon as we open up and allow our senses to take over. These positive vibes calm the mind, soul and spirit- and we feel more vital.


After a week in a retreat, the body is regenerated, more powerful; the mind clear and full of enthusiasm.


For this reason, we annually embark on journeys with masters and students, practicing Taekwondo and training at power places like the Pyramids in Egypt, the Arena of Ronda, the Stromboli Volcano in Calabria, the Golgulsa Temple in Korea, and many other sacred sites and natural wonders, collecting impressions and unforgettable experiences.


In nature, there are numerous places as well that emanate this power, such as locations near water. Coastal areas have often a transformative effect on many people. The sound of waves, the endless horizon, and the salty sea breeze create a sense of freedom and expansiveness. Same goes for majestic waterfalls and imposing mountain peaks. The sheer sight can be humbling and instil awe for nature.



Retreat in the Mountains



Many people when surrounded by mountains find it easier to relax, relieve stress and establish a deeper connection with nature. That’s why our camps and retreats often take place in the mountains.

Mountains provide an ideal setting for regeneration and movement. Moreover, mountains hold a special symbolic meaning in the realm of martial arts (Budo). They represent the connection between heaven and earth and are often associated with spiritual enlightenment and insight.


Here are five good reasons why we consider retreat weeks important and organize them every year:


  1. Relaxation and Stress Relief:

    Power places offer a calm and peaceful environment that allows individuals to distance themselves from the demands of daily life, recover, regaining relaxation and balance.

  1. Recharge Energy:

    Certain places and spots are like energy booster to anyone – the right surrounding can lead to an increased sense of vitality and joy.

  1. Clarity and Self-Reflection:

    Away from the distractions of daily life, retreat days at power places can be used to contemplate personal goals, desires, and challenges.

  1. Creativity and Inspiration:

    The natural beauty and unique atmosphere of power places can stimulate creativity and be inspiring. Far from routines and stress, new ideas, solutions, and fresh perspectives on different aspects of life often arise.

  1. Growth:

    A retreat can foster new experiences, expand awareness and enable a deeper connection with nature, spirituality, or higher goals. These subjective experiences can be a valuable source of inspiration and personal development.


Power places offer a calm and peaceful environment that allows individuals to distance themselves from the demands of daily life, recover and regain balance.


Now, briefly imagine the following:


  • You have time and the distance you need to reflect and to assess where you currently stand in your professional and personal life, but also to find out where adjustments in your behavior are needed to get back on track.
  • You only need to focus on yourself and your well-being; we provide the framework and accompany you with daily martial arts (Budo) and coaching impulses.
  • You aren’t constantly exposed to external demands and can choose to be in the quiet of nature or socialize. In our small groups, if you wish, you can connect with like-minded individuals and make new contacts.
  • You are simply in the moment, mentally aware during physical exercises and feedback sessions, relaxed and focused. You neither dwell on past failures nor worry about future problems that might not even occur. You are fully present, focused on what matters. On this deeper level, you might experience a sense of expansioninside, feeling stronger and more confident.
  • Your knots can be untangled more easily, thoughts and goals become much clearer: you recognize what is important, what takes priority, what you can let go of to avoid being stuck and to make room for new things, feeling comfortable all around.
  • You realize that you have different options for action; you notice that you can steer your own life and shape it according to your vision.

This is possible!


Our next group journey is already in the planning stage! Treat yourself to a martial arts retreat in Aprica, surrounded by the nature of the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi.


Interested in joining?


Contact us to learn more about our upcoming retreat in July 2024. You’re welcome to pre-register as spaces are limited.

Feel free to reach out to us and inquire about customised team retreats as well.



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