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Strengthen your resilience with martial arts and develop a positive mindset

Resilience is especially important in uncertain times.


Those who are resilient can better adapt to changing situations, deal efficiently with their own resources under stressful circumstances and are clear headed, even when facing challenging times.

(Wikipedia definition:


The so-called 7 pillars of resilience are indicators of mental strength:


# 1 Optimism: optimists believe that things will go well and consider crises and setbacks as temporary.

#2 Acceptance: resilient people accept difficult situations or wrong decisions more easily than others; they learn from them and they let go.

# Solution-oriented: resilient people look ahead and seek for ways to realize their own goals.

# Refusing the victim role: resilient people act rather than complain.

# Take responsibility: resilient people seek cause of failure, solutions and action points in themselves first.

# Future planning: resilient people develop visions and then set realistic goals on how to turn them into reality

# Network-oriented: resilient people establish human relationships, give and receive energy and support from others.



Unfortunately, as recent studies show, far too many people still suffer from stress, even in Switzerland where workplace stress is incremental even among young people.


Resilience training helps

Yes, resilience can be trained in everyone. With practice, mental strength can be increased and lead to healthier reactions. Mental strength enables to act at the decisive moment, regardless of the external circumstances, like a bamboo that bends but does not break.


Budo coaching trains adaptability, fighting spirit and flexibility: these characteristics, transferred in everyday working life, compare to the ability to move smoothly, with determination and positive mind-set in a dynamic and changing environment.


The physical challenges such as holding positions, exercises to increase reaction and reflex as well as speed under stress train perseverance and resilience.

The unfamiliar environment, possible difficulties in solving coordinative tasks and the effort to leave the comfort zone push the mind out of the comfort zone. Participants learn therefore in a different way how crisis or failures harbor growth opportunities. Limiting beliefs can be dropped and lead the way to a more positive (self) awareness. Through physical work, the ability to remain calm and collected increases.

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