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How do you create a strong team?


5 proven ingredients that will strengthen your team spirit



In well-functioning teams, employees are satisfied, feel safe and find what they do is useful and important. To boost motivation, productivity and the willingness in your team to give everything, work on these topics:



Common goal – common values




A strong team has a common goal to identify with and a leader who shows the direction.


Good managers shape, promote and support their own resources in the name of their own company: Mission, values ​​and goals help to give direction and create the common basis.

Nothing strengthens the team spirit as much as pursuing a common goal. This applies on a large scale, to the company’s ultimate goal, but also on a small scale, when performing individual tasks.

This turns daily business into a mission that is worth doing as best as possible- As a group in which everyone knows exactly which part, he /she has to contribute to.


All team members know their role


Does everyone really know what each contributor has to do to achieve the team goal?


Would a football or basketball game be conceivable if the individual players did not know exactly what position and role they cover on the field? Sounds logical, but sometimes it’s not that easy in a company.

When a work situation changes and the team is forced to adapt to new circumstances, there is often chaos instead of clarity. For example, in the event of a merger or when someone leaves the company and new members join. When the roles are not clearly defined or revised periodically, the risk of not achieving team goals is much higher.



Mutual trust


Different perspectives help to perform different tasks in the best possible way. The benefits of diversity, however, can only be achieved if all team members really feel free to express their ideas. And that, in a safe environment in which it is possible to share opinions and solutions without fear of making mistakes, of being criticized or reprimanded or even sacked.

In a strong team, the members value each other for their strengths – and are supportive by weaknesses. Everyone can rely on everyone.

Strong teams cultivate good relationships: they interact in a constructive manner and treat each other with respect, even when opinions differ, or decisions are hard to accept.


Mutual care – real interest


Who doesn’t want to get ahead in meetings as efficiently as possible? Still, rushing through day-to-day business or just paying attention to efficiency and numbers is not enough. It is the personal component that bonds and helps building relationships.

It is important to listen to the others, pay attention to nuances and pick up colleagues exactly where they are: if you have no idea what is going on in others, you cannot assess their behavior. Do you know how swamped is your colleague? Are asking to little or to much? Do you know what is going on if they act stressed or annoyed? Do you perceive changes in team moods?

The future of work calls for real relationships that demand solidarity, show appreciation and create trust. It’s a give and take.


clear communication – open feedback culture



One of the most common reasons why a team loses the sense of togetherness is that the communication between the members is ineffective or takes place in the wrong framework.


In complex environments, information often comes from many different sources: we are flooded with useful and useless information. Employees run the risk of being overwhelmed or missing important messages that are actually crucial to deliver good work.

Communication within the team must be transparent and clear to avoid misunderstandings. This leads to more trust among the workforce but ensure that the team grasps the big picture and is able to make the right decisions independently.


Successful companies thrive when functioning teams make an above-average contribution to overall success. Good teams are a win-win situation for the company, the manager and the employees.

Because, as Steve Jobs said in a nutshell:


"Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people." 



So, what can you do today to promote the sense of togetherness? How do you want to positively influence the performance of your team?


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