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Cultivating resilience by strengthening body and mind

Mastering challenges


It is not only serious disrupting life events, big crises or losses that often throw us off course. Phases of high stress at work, for example, can also be totally exhausting: we actually test our resilience every time we take on too much at once or when we feel overwhelmed by circumstances.


  • constant accessibility
  • uninterrupted external distractions
  • often a merging of work and private life
  • Dynamic work environment that requires constant changes and adjustments
  • Multitasking and different roles to juggle in everyday life, as a parent, at work, in the social environment….


However, some colleagues seem less affected. Who doesn’t envy these everyday superheroes, who simply master challenges and switch from one task to another in a perfectly organized and timed manner?


Not all people are equally resilient: What may seem like an overwhelming burden to one person – such as changing jobs or an experience abroad in a new environment – is a welcome challenge to others and embraced as an opportunity.


The good thing is that resilience – regardless of innate disposition – develops over the course of life and can be increased. There are different ways to do this. Our goes along the teachings of Asian martial arts.


Yin and Yang


In our Dojang there is a large light gate, which represents the Yin and Jang symbol.

This is a reminder that there are two sides to everything. These two poles are present in nature and in every human being: they are part of life. Both need each other and can only exist in connection with each other as opposites of the same reality.

Like tension and relaxation, pain and joy or day and night, which unfold in different forms and alternate in a rhythmic cycle.


It is important to keep these energy poles in balance and to ensure that one side or the other does not predominate.However, as it happens quite often due to our yang-oriented society, we often end up out of balance.

Yang is the driver – gets us going. Too much yang, however, does prevents us from resting, consumes our resources and can lead to exhaustion. Yin ensures that we relax and pay attention to our needs. Too much yin makes us passive and lethargic.


Movement, breathing and focusing or meditation are key to restore the connection between body and mind and to regulate emotions.


Looking for a solution


Everyone goes through difficult moments sooner or later. And crises never go by without scurs: however, resilient people can better cope with crises. Rather than hide behind them, they face challenges, opting to take the blow and look for solutions.

When the storm is over, they will have learned a lesson.


In the process, rational and flexible thinking is key.


➡️We can defend ourselves and oppose a situation, then we practice resistance and mostly we remain in  a state oftensions and conflict

➡️In some cases we have no choice but to accept situations as they are because they are outside of our circle of influence

➡️Sometimes, however, we have the power to have an impact and channel our energy towards what is worth changingor adjusting



During our coaching, we reflect on these aspects using situations from martial arts as a tool to sharpen perception.


What is missing right now?

What overwhelms you?

Why are you stuck?


If you feel that your resources are running out – that you lack the energy and stability to cope with everyday life – then it is time for a change. At an early stage – so that you redirect your energy.


During retreats or in our weekend courses we notice over and over again how participants profit from the opportunity tofocus solely on themselves, away from external distractions. They look at their concerns and worries from a different perspective with undivided attention; they start observing things about themselves and above all seeing options. Opportunities open up.


The combination of physical exercises, reflection and transfer on daily habits is the perfect opportunity to experience when and where you reach your limits and how many healthy choices can be made if you don’t waste but rather channel your energy.

Letting go of certain things, habits and mind-sets is part of the process: the path to resilience means also accepting that life is constantly changing. And not always in our favor.


The assumption that there are two sides to everything in life prompts to perceive which side predominates. When we focus primarily on the negative side, we limit ourselves. When we focus solely on the positive, we ignore important aspects and don’t realize when something is brewing that should be addressed.


Unfortunately, knowing this is not enough – you must also experience and feel. Sharpen your perception, get to know ourselves better at the core.


This is not a quick fix. But the more you walk this path, the easier it becomes to cope with the ups and downs of life.


A quick self-test


👉 How resilient are you?

✅❌ How many of the following statements apply to you?



o You are good at managing a heavy workload – you have found a structure and know how to prioritize your tasks


o You act independently and pursue your tasks with energy and motivation


o Remain emotionally stable and resilient under pressure


o When you make mistakes or fail, you look for something you can do better or to change circumstances – you know that blaming others or pointing fingers doesn’t help


o You can cope with new situations and embrace change because you see the opportunities they bring along


o You deal with your own insecurities constructively; if you are overwhelmed, you get support or seek a way to recharge your battery


o You know your health is important – if you take good care of yourself, you can be at your best for others


Not doing so well?

Don’t worry, deal with it and improve the results – we are happy to support you in one of our individual or group coaching.

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