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The trainers

These trends are emerging on the HR horizon

Leadership and martial arts   Many of our connections who have never had anything to do with martial arts think that the topic of Budo is far away from the topic of leadership or personal development. Like Dagmar , with…

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Leadership: What defines a good manager?

The year is coming to an end and employee surveys are now running in many companies. The results reveal to HR executive and directors what makes their company attractive when hiring and to retain employees. Manager and team leaders are…

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Martial arts: 3 myths rebuffed

  Martial arts are not the same as martial sports. Many people are not aware of it. I was recently at the doctor's and the assistant asked me what I do for a living. My answer surprised her: “For real”??…

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How do you create a strong team?

  5 proven ingredients that will strengthen your team spirit     In well-functioning teams, employees are satisfied, feel safe and find what they do is useful and important. To boost motivation, productivity and the willingness in your team to…

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Martial arts as school for life

4 reasons why I love to be on the martial arts’ path     I enjoy working with people: as a teacher, consultant, in personnel functions or as a coach. I like to get to know different people, cultures and…

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